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Huffington Post: “Five Emerging Technologies in Science That Will Shape our Lives in the Coming Years” – Redox Cell-Signaling is the only one with an actual product… 10 years ago.

An Advanced Biotechnology for Cellular Communication, Protection, and Regeneration

Based on Redox Cell-Signaling, a cellular communication breakthrough. Cellular communication affects everything.


“We are the only company in the world to have the labor and materials for complete cellular health”
– Jarom Webb, ASEA President

Real stories from real people
How is that even possible?

Dr. Gary Samuelson stabilized Redox Molecules after others declared it impossible

“Imagine what would happen if our body suddenly lost its ability to heal itself.  Within hours, our body would age several years, tissues would degrade, infections would take hold, and our body would quickly wither and die.” – Dr. Gary Samuelson, PhD, Atomic Medical Physicist

It is better than natural or organic. It is native. It is already in every cell.​

By the time you are 70, your Redox levels will be down to 10%.
ASEA Redox is a direct supplement of the exact same molecules.

“Supplementing Redox molecules is completely safe.  They are produced natively in the body through production of energy in the Kerb’s cycle.  That cycle is always going to occur.” – Dr. Robertson D. Ward, M.D.

Complete Advanced Cellular Health

Two cells created you. Take care of them, and they will take care of you.

Redox (Labor), Patented

Nutritionals (Materials), Better than 99%

Your body naturally regenerates about 1% of its cell every day, and Redox will make it more efficient.

ASEA Ethos (P/E): People, Principles, & Purpose Over Ego & Economics

When a new disruptive biotechnology is invented...

How Does it Work?

Scientific Validation

Scientific Validation and Nearly 100 Testimonials Spanning 10 Categories on this Site

Testing for cellular science, skin care, and athletes - Certifications for manufacturing

Cellular Science
20% to 31% increase in gene signaling pathways
500% to 800% increase in master anti-oxidant

Advanced Manufacturing
FDA & NSF certified factory
Each batch certified by BioAgilytix

Skin Care
Five Star Ratings from Dermatest

Athletic Performance
Acid Reduction and More (Human Performance Lab)

Testimonials from Doctors and Elite Athletes

Doctors and PhDs

Athlete Ambassadors

The Business Opportunity of a Lifetime

Are you paid in goosebumps?

Make living while making a difference
Pre-Momentum with $800 Million in Sales

In business for yourself, but not by yourself
Complete with mentorship

There is nothing stronger than a man who has rebuilt himself.
There is nothing more powerful than a woman with a purpose.

Your Whole Body is Made of Cells

Cellular communication affects everything. Reach out to learn how it will help you.

What is Redox Cell-Signaling? My Summary

  • Native: Your Redox Cell-Signaling molecule levels will drop by 10% per decade.  It is non-toxic.  It is already in every cell.
  • Communication:  The research community calls it redox cell-signaling for a reason.
  • Protection: Your master anti-oxidant will decrease by 15% per decade.  Redox increases the master anti-oxidant naturally by 500% to 800%.
  • Regeneration: Your cells will execute their programming more efficiently.  Your body naturally regenerates 1% of its cells every day.
  • Genes:  It increases gene signaling pathways by 20% to 31% across all five major areas of health.
  • Toxins:  One of the first things it will do is remove toxins
  • Pain: One lady said she was at a 9 out of 10 all the time.  It dropped to a 1.
  • Skin: When you are young, your skin renews every 28 days.  When you are over 50, it can extend to over 90 days.  Try RENU 28.
  • Recovery: Our elite athletes recover quickly and get back to training.

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  • Sleep: Improves overall health, which improves sleep.
  • Energy: No need for coffee.
  • Science: There are 5 Nobel prizes, 18,000 peer-reveiwed research papers, 1,200 books, and an entire conference.
  • Self Research: For more information on the science, search for redox cell-signaling, free radicals, and oxidative stress.  You can also visit  

Five Nobel Prizes have been awarded for the science behind Redox.  This site contains the opinions of doctors, researchers, elite athletes, media, third-party labs, customers, and more.  Redox Cell-Signaling molecules allow your cells to communicate, protect, and regenerate like when you were young.  They increase the efficiency of Glutathione, the master anti-oxidant by 500% to 800%, and they turn large numbers of your genes back on.  Premier independent laboratories have validated all of it, as you will see later in this tour.  You can see their reports for yourself.  Our nutritionals provide the materials, and Redox provides the labor to keep your cells healthy.  Best of all, Redox Cell-Signaling molecules are already in your body, and you had high levels when you were young.  By the time you are 70, your levels are down to 10%.  It is even better than organic or natural as it is native.  The mitochondria in your cells actually produce it, and we are supplementing the exact same molecules directly.  The ingredients are just salt and water, and they are manufactured into Redox molecules over 3 days.

Hi, My Name is Vesh

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

I worked on satellites for most of my career.  When I first heard about Redox, the scientist in me was like “Prove it,” and the entrepreneur in me was like, “Test it.” I quietly tested it on myself for three months and didn’t tell a soul. Then I got invited to a seminar. I sat there for half a day, picked up all the background, and met the people. There was one lady who was at a nine out of ten in pain. They used the gel multiple times, and it dropped to a one. I reflected on my own experience and realized that there were four or five things that happened that have never happened, at least at this age. I went on to create this site, and it made a big difference for those close to me. I am the only one that can tell them.  I hope you spend some looking at the information and reach out.  We can transform your life and the lives of those close to you in more ways than one.

We have more than an amazing patented product
We are all friends, and we are changing the world together

5 Nobel Prizes - 18,000 Peer-Reviewed Research Papers - 1,200 Books - 1 Patented Product Set - Over 300,000 people are taking it after 10 years

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