The People I Met

It was a wild year.  In the past, I stayed close to people I trust.  This year, I met a lot of new people from all walks of life.  Just as I feared, some were not kind, but it was easy to leave them behind.  I met people all over the world.  

I met people on minimum wage, and I met multi-millionaires.  I met people that are literally starving, and I met people that are in non-stop pain.  I met people with no degree that are wiser than any PhD I have ever known.  I learned how to play dumb, and I learned how to ask for advice… not easy for someone with four degrees.  Even those that are struggling had incredible things to say.  I stopped trying to impress people, and I started trying to understand them.

I discovered that some of the crazy people are actually the most sane.  They are not pretending to be what others expect.  They dove deep into something they were passionate about, and that is why they think differently.  I met people with agendas, and I discovered that I liked the fact that they knew what they wanted.  They had something to say.  I met people that were lost, and I met people that knew exactly where they were going.  I met the long-term unemployed, and I met people who retired in their 20s.  I met people who couldn’t work because of their health, but still had not given up.  I met people who had lost all hope, and then met someone who gave it back.  I met people who begged for help, and I met people who refused all of it. 

I met positive people and I met negative people, and I saw how it affected their happiness and future.  I met impatient people, and I understood why they were looking for peace.  I met patient people, and I saw why their heart was at peace even as they ventured into unknown territory every day.  I met doers, and I met talkers.  I met people who wanted to meet, but couldn’t get past the 5s decision to get it started.

I met people who have everything and want nothing more than to teach it, but they can’t find people who want to learn it.  I met powerful people who displayed arrogance, and I met people who can lead without any authority whatsoever.  I met people who act like they know everything who are not open to learning and have never taken a risk.  I met people who read voraciously and have the wisdom from thousands of mistakes that show nothing but humility.  I met people who could only talk about themselves, and I met people who were trying to learn to speak. 

Some of them are still around, but I feel like I didn’t meet nearly enough.  I found the answers to some of my biggest questions, even some that I did not dare to ask.  Most of all, I figured out who I wanted to become.

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