If you don’t know what you want, then how are you going to get it?

Have you created your dream board yet? Watch “The Secret,” and you will understand all of the psychology behind it. I wrote up a detailed vision for my future, and the habits I needed to develop to get there. For each item, I wrote what would happen if I got it, and what would happen if I didn’t. I also wrote up how I would feel if I got it, to put emotion behind it. I went out and found the best visual representation of everything I want, and I printed it out. I stuck them all up on a wall. Sometimes, I just stand there and stare at the wall, as there is a deep story behind why I chose each of these images. It is a constant reminder of all things that I am chasing. I recorded an audio version too. Now, I can listen to it anytime I feel like I need a reminder of where I am going.

Ninety-five percent of what we do is habit. If you can figure out how to automate it by programming it into your mind, then then it will feel effortless. Your subconcious will notice opportunities that it did not before, and you will take action. I have also taken my to do list to another level. I only put six things on it each day, and I schedule the time that I am going to spend on it. This way I know it is achievable, and I know exactly when I am going to do it. I find myself being more intentional, and not just letting my subconcious run the show. You can also group together a set of activities, and put emotion behind it. Write down the activities and what purpose they serve. Then write down the character traits that you want to develop by completing these activities.

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