Ten years ago, Verdis Norton unleashed a force of nature with this decision

Ten years ago, Verdis Norton unleashed a force of nature with this decision. A pharmaceutical executive said, “I am going to write you a check so big, that you won’t even want to talk to anyone else.”  Those were the exact words that he wanted to hear, but there was a catch. On that day, it changed from a business play to something very personal.  I went through that transformation myself.  When you are an Associate, your heart is broken over and over.  You know their story, and you know you can help them.  Often times, they won’t let you.  The ones that do make it all worthwhile.  

When you put the greatest product in the history of the world in the hands of people that really care, it will alter the medical field as we know it.  Redox uses the natural powers that created you to heal you.  You will hear about Redox sooner or later, just like anti-oxidants.  It was the same business model that created the awareness.  The question is, will you be one of the lucky 1 in 1000 to take the leap now?  I know I am jealous of the people that found out 10 years ago.  But, why go back and step on the caterpillar before it became a butterfly?  Everything happened for a reason.  I know what it is like to not have hope, and now my purpose is to show people the way out.  

I built what is by far the most comprehensive site on the subject, and I am now opening it up to the entire community.  Schedule some time to research it.  I assembled everything you need in one place.

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