Don’t Underestimate the Power of Natural Substances

Even prescriptions prompt the body to take care of itself. There are drawbacks to relying too much on a government stamp to separate fact from fiction. Even if you ignore the lobbyists, they won’t invest 10 years and hundreds of millions if they can’t patent it and keep you on it for life. Even prescriptions prompt the body to take care of itself, but they use foreign substances. That is why they can be patented. They do just enough to treat the symptoms, because they need you stay sick.

Don’t underestimate the power of natural substances. The body can’t take care of itself, if it doesn’t have the right materials and labor. Our nutritionals provide the materials, and Redox provides the labor. Your Redox Cell-Signaling Molecules will be down to 10% by the time you are 70, which is why your cells find it difficult to communicate, repair, and regenerate.

We knew how Redox was helping people, but the product is so advanced, it took us 8 years to figure out all the science behind it. If we were to go through the FDA process, it would take 10 additional years, and the product would cost 10X. No one could take it in the meantime, because we couldn’t set the expectations around a lower price and then jack it up by 1000%. We can’t make specific medical claims, but this site shows that it helps your cells and health a dozen different ways. What drug has been tested on 300,000 people?

Our customers are allowed to tell their story. Just read 4 or 5, and look at the quantity. There are 10 different types of opinions on this site including doctors, elite athletes, third party labs, customers, government researchers, and more. Investigate whichever one is your favorite, or scan them all using the Tour.

We are the only company in the world to have the labor and materials for complete cellular health” – Jarom Webb, ASEA President​​

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