The 12 Levels of Communication

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words;

Watch your words, they become your actions;

Watch your actions, they become your habits;

Watch your habits, they become your character;

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

– Lao Tzu

We are in the business of growing people. I have discovered that they are 12 levels of thinking and communication. I was once extremely introverted. I started off as patient and proactive, and I eventually developed skills across all of the top 8. I was able to grow, because I surrounded myself with good role models.  You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  Change how you think and communicate, and you will change your life. This is small sample of the things I have learned. With the help of many multimillionaires, I mentor people on my team.

Negative levels

Violent – Even if they just think it, it shows.

Taker – These people use words and politics to take what they want by force.

Gossip – These people hurt you by talking about you behind your back.

Complain – These people have given up their power by accepting that someone else has control.

Neutral levels

Patient – These people observe and don’t overact by reacting too quickly.

Active listening – These people are great at getting information and allowing people to feel heard.

Discussion – At this level, the conversation is more 50/50 and detailed.

Debate – At this level, they can have an intense debate without disrupting the relationship.  It is a great way to make decisions.

Positive levels

Proactive – These people take action.

Experimental – These people take calculated risks and use the scientific method to discover things unknown to them.  They are not afraid to fail.

Giver – These people give, and people naturally reciprocate with what they want and need.  They are smart enough to avoid takers. They can’t stand them.

Inspire – These people are not just smart. They are wise. They have made thousands of mistakes. They cull negative sources, and they feed their minds with positive detailed information. They actively manage their thoughts.

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