The 5 Secrets to Good Health

I had a nightmare where macaroni was attacking everyone. It wasn’t flying around. It was just inching along the ground, but it was unstoppable. It got everyone. When it finally got me, I woke up. Apparently, I am terrified of poor nutrition now. My brain thinks we are under attack, and I think its right. We have 5 problems in the modern world.

  1. Toxins: We ingest more toxins in one day than our great great grandparents ingested in their entire lifetime.  The chemicals that we eat and breathe, and the electromagnetic radiation are all bad for us.  Our body is really good at cleaning it up, but it has a limit.  At a minimum, it won’t operate at optimal peformance, and worse things can happen.  Cut out as many toxins as possible.  A water filter will improve the water.  Replace the toxins you are eating with fresh organic foods.  You can buy an air ionizer and ivy and snake plants to clean up the air.   Redox molecules will help your cells communicate and clean up the toxins after they are in your body.  They will also speed up the regeneration of your cells including your liver.  Here are some more ways that you can take care of your liver.  I hear the dandelion tea and the celery are the most powerful. You can find organic snacks here.
  2. Negativity from the Media:  Our mind consumes more negativity in one day than our great great grandparents ingested in their entire lifetime.  Our brain is always scanning for threats, and focusing on neutralzing them. It served us well in the caveman days, but in the modern world we experience information overload and most of the threats are imaginary. Focussing on imaginary threats is really bad for us as it attracts them into our life. Cut out and neutralize the negative information sources.  They are poisioning our mind.  Our mind is what we see and hear.  The media is constantly playing our fear of pain and hunger.  What serves their bottom line is stirring up controversy, and their editors tell them to scare the audience.  Advertisers, television, magazines, and the movies only show off perfect people, or try to make them look as bad as possible.  The perfect life that your friends are showing off on social media is making yours feal inferior.  You can change the people you spend time around, and you can use technology to filter as much negative as possible.  You can follow niche sources that positively cover the things that interest you.  You can move addictive apps to the back of their subfolder. You can physically lock up your devices to temporarily cut out the distractions and focus on the offline world.  That is where real fulfilment comes from.  If you search for “Listen to this before you go to bed,” on Youtube, you will find videos that put your mind in a positive state before it marinates overnight.  There are some for the morning too. If you figure out what you want and visualize it, your subconscience will find positive ways to get it.  If you then declare it and don’t back down, then the universe will conspire to give it to you.
  3. Oxidative Stress: We are living twice as long as our great great grandparents, and it is causing oxidative stress at the cellular level.  That is the root cause of everything chronic.  Dr. Ward wrote a whole book about it at  Studies have show that walking barefoot on the earth helps with healing. The earth provides electrons that help fight oxidative stress. There are earthing mats available for your bed and living spaces. Redox is short for reductants and oxidants, and it is 72,000,000 times per second more effective than the anti-oxidants you have heard of in the media, because it operates inside your cells.  You would have to eat a whole truckload of plant-based anti-oxidants to get the same effect. 
  4. Poor Nutrition: You already know that your body is what you eat. They are trying to maximize taste for minimum cost. That means that it is very addictive and very low quality nutrition with all kinds of toxins.  Many people think they don’t have time, but the cost of eating poorly is much higher.  Poor nutrition means that our body does not have the materials it needs to regenerate itself properly and operate at optimal performance.  The soil is depleted, and the multi-vitamins we eat do not get absorbed by our body.  Our good gut bacteria are in retreat, and the bad ones have taken over, because of our sugary diet.  It affects our ability to absorb nutrients.  Eat fresh foods of many different colors.  Your nutritional supplements should be made of real food from sources that are not depleted of minerals.  Your body will recognize them and absorb them, especially if they are paired with the right enzymes.  Your probiotics need to have multiples strains of good bacteria with prebiotics that feed them.  Hemp seeds will reinforce your cellular walls with the right ratio of Omega-3s and good Omega-6s.  That is key to protecting your cells from damage.  
  5. Poor Sleep: People have this attitude that they will sleep when they are dead. We are bombarded by non-stop stress in the modern world, and the combination is causing sleep issues. Sleep is critical to restoring the body, formulating memories, and more. Start by using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to confront everything that is stressing you out. You sleep better when you are cool. In a scientific study, participants that were taking 1 to 3 hours to fall asleep fell asleep in 13 minutes when wearing a cooling cap on their head. There is a cooling device for the head called Ebb. You can get a cooling mat for your bed and pillow. Meditation works to calm the mind. Even if you just breathe deeply 5 to 10 times in a controlled way from the stomach, your body will get the messages that you are trying to calm down. Try to focus on your breathing when thoughts come into your head. Taking care of the problems above will make a big difference too.