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What are Olympic Gold Medalists and World Record Holders Saying About Redox?

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Breeja Larson, Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

“I take the supplement steadily.  I just feel a more natural energy that I can get through my workouts and get through my races without the same lactic acid… the same kind of pain.  I started noticing the difference right away. I was sleeping a little bit better. I had a lot more energy in practice. It wasn’t like a caffeine boost. It felt much more natural. I didn’t crash”

Cody Miller, Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

“Recovery is immensely important in the sport of swimming.  When I finish a really really hard race, it feels like scorching pain is running through my veins… if I am not drinking enough [Redox], I might get through 5 or 6 workouts throughout the week, and then I just tank.”


Dexter Yates, Endurance Athlete

“Before [Redox], after the finish line, I would always say take me to the medical tent”

What athlete wouldn't want an approved perfectly legit unfair advantage?

  • Each of these athletes recognizes the positive impact Redox has had on their active lifestyles. 
  • These athletes use Redox to enhance their physical performance, and increase their endurance and recovery times.
  • It allows them to achieve new levels of success in their careers.

"Your cells know how to take care of your body, and we know how to take care of your cells." - Vesh Thakker, PhD, MBA, Associate

“We are the only company in the world to have the labor and materials for complete cellular health” – President​​

Over 300,000 people are taking it after 10 years
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