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Huffington Post: “Five Emerging Technologies in Science That Will Shape our Lives in the Coming Years – Redox Cell-Signaling is the only one with an actual product… 10 years ago.

Welcome to My Redox Tour

Redox is an advanced technology that helps cells communicate, protect, and regenerate

Healthy Cells = Healthy Organs = Healthy Body

Redox (Labor), Patented

Nutritionals (Materials), Better than 99%

'We are the only company in the world to have the labor and materials for complete cellular health"
- Jarom Webb, ASEA President

“Imagine what would happen if our body suddenly lost its ability to heal itself.  Within hours, our body would age several years, tissues would degrade, infections would take hold, and our body would quickly wither and die.” – Dr. Gary Samuelson, PhD, Atomic Medical Physicist.  

  • Native: By the time you are 70, your redox molecule levels are down to 10%.  It is non-toxic.  It is already in every cell.
  • Communication:  The research community calls it redox cell-signaling for a reason.
  • Protection: Your master anti-oxidant will decrease by 15% per decade.  Redox increases the master anti-oxidant naturally by 500% to 800%.
  • Regeneration: Your cells will execute their programming more efficiently.  Your body naturally regenerates 1% of its cells every day.
  • Genes:  It is scientifically proven to turn genes back on in large numbers
  • Toxins:  One of the first things it will do is remove toxins
  • Pain: One lady said she was at a 9 out of 10 all the time.  It dropped to a 1.
  • Skin: When you are young, your skin renews every 28 days.  When you are over 50, it can extend to over 90 days.  Try RENU 28.
  • Recovery: It used to be that I couldn’t play tennis two days in a row.  Now, I can play twice in a day, and play even better the next day.
  • Sleep: All I wanted was to sleep.  I got everything else.  It turns out the sleep was more stress related.  With my interest in health and wellness piqued, I eventually figured that out too.  Now, I sleep like a baby.
  • Energy: I have energy all day from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed.  I have no need for coffee.
  • Science: There are 5 Nobel prizes, 18,000 peer-reveiwed research papers, 1,200 books, and an entire conference.
  • Self Research: For more information on the science, search for redox cell-signaling, free radicals, and oxidative stress.  You can also visit  I am a scientist at heart.  I am not going to believe just anything, much less attach my name to it.  I was the first one with a computer.  This is even bigger.

Five Nobel Prizes have been awarded for the science behind Redox.  This site contains the opinions of doctors, researchers, elite athletes, media, third-party labs, customers, and more.  Redox Cell-Signaling molecules allow your cells to communicate, protect, and regenerate like when you were young.  They increase the efficiency of Glutathione, the master anti-oxidant by 500% to 800%, and they turn large numbers of your genes back on.  Premier independent laboratories have validated all of it, as you will see later in this tour.  You can see their reports for yourself.  Our nutritionals provide the materials, and Redox provides the labor to keep your cells healthy.  Best of all, Redox Cell-Signaling molecules are already in your body, and you had high levels when you were young.  By the time you are 70, your levels are down to 10%.  It is even better than organic or natural as it is native.  The mitochondria in your cells actually produce it, and we are supplementing the exact same molecules directly.  The ingredients are just salt and water, and they are manufactured into Redox molecules over 3 days

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What people like about this site is the scientific validation and testimonials.

Doctor & PhD Opinions

In Healthy Cells, Healthy Life, Dr, Ward traces all the most common health issues back to oxidative or inflammatory stress due to declining Redox molecule levels.

“The science of Redox Biochemistry is essentially the science of healing.  The world of Redox Biochemistry is an exploding field of medicine.  They reason for this explosion has to do with the fact that it deals with all areas of biology.  Redox signaling technology is destined to fuel the greatest advances in medical science this century.  Redox signaling is fundamental to all biological multi-cellular processes.  It is non-specific, non-toxic, and applicable to broad range of processes and pathways. It is at the very core of mediating and regulating the mechanisms that restore functionality and health” – Dr. Robert Ward, MD, Family doctor

REDOX LIFE is a 534-page authoritative work that elucidates fundamental redox principles in chemistry and biology, uncovers the role of redox interventions in medicine, and captures the interplay between good health and redox-supportive nutrients. This book cites the work of over 150 Nobel Laureates and explains the impact of over 1500 scientific publications on the evolution of life under the influence of REDOX.

“Life is an extraordinary Redox program, designed to capture, store, and expend energy through chemical bonds.”… “Redox Signaling is a precise modulator of vital cellular functions and critical cellular responses of every life form.” … “Redox Homeostasis is essential for normal function of every cell, tissue, and physiological system.”  – Dr. A. S. Nadu, Redox Life

“I’ve been taking and recommending ASEA for over 5 years. During that time I’ve had a number of health issues that have improved. I’ve been on multiple medications to lower my blood pressure for many years. Now, at age 70, I’ve discontinued all of my blood pressure medicines. Lots of people are looking for a short term fix with ASEA but sometimes it takes longer to get the results you seek, and sometimes you gets results that you’re not even aware of because the benefits can be so subtle. But the benefits add up to a major improvement in your health.” – Dr. Dick Walker, double board certified in internal medicine and emergency medicine with a masters degree in preventative medicine

“ASEA is a miracle in a bottle.  What is in our bottles is Redox Signaling molecules.  It is foundational.  It is as basic as it gets.  Every cell in the body makes essentially what ASEA is…  Every millisecond, your cells make these molecules for several reasons.  They are called Redox signalers, because they signal.  They allow cells to talk to one another and inside of themselves.  Nothing in a cell gets done unless Redox signaling molecules tell those cells what to do, when to do it, and how to do it  What we have has been sought after for many years..” –  Dr. Foster Malmed

“Damaged cells need to be detected. They need to be either repaired or replaced. The protection, detection, repair, and replace mechanism is absolutely fundamental to all life. One of interesting aspects of this discovery is that we have actually learned how to take these same Redox signaling compounds that exist inside our cells, and produce them in a stable form outside our cells. A stable form that has a shelf life of months.” – Dr. Samuelson, PhD, Atomic Medical Physicist, is responsible for stabilizing Redox molecules outside the body.  They tried for decades, and declared it impossible.  Dr. Samuelson figured it out 10 years ago.