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It is Not Expensive Salt Water
Don't Fall for Scare Tactics Promoting Big Pharma

They bash everything that does not come in pill form from Big Pharma.

Common Sense Arguments
How could you patent saltwater?
How could you do a half billion in sales?
It tastes bad (not that bad). It must work.

Negativity is way more powerful, because it triggers self preservation instincts. We fight it with positivity.

If you Google ASEA, you will find the above listing.  This site bashes everything that doesn’t come in pill form from Big Pharma.  They even bash Chiropractors.  The tone is all wrong.  The site claims to be promoting science, but that is the furthest thing from a scientific tone.  They are obvious scare tactics.  They are trying to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt to scare you out of even learning about it.  Pessimism sounds smarter, but it is not a good way to live.  It can take a year to build a house and two days to destroy it.  Build it with extreme care anyways.  Look at the videos from doctors and the write-ups from the third-party labs on this site.  That is what a scientific tone looks like.  

You can believe that one opinion, or you can believe almost 100 on this site backed up by 80,000 on Facebook.  That article is 6 years old, and it hasn’t been updated.  We knew how it was helping people, but the product is so advanced, it took us 8 years to figure out all the science behind it.  If we were to go through the FDA process, it would take 10 additional years, and the product would cost 10X.  We can’t make specific medical claims, but this site shows that it helps your cells and health a dozen different ways.  Our customers are allowed to tell their story.  Just read 4 or 5, and look at the quantity.  No one ever tests on pregnant women or children.  That warning is required.

Are you buying yeast or bread?  ASEA is a manufactured product that takes 3 days to produce from the raw ingredients of salt and water.  The product is native to the body, but the manufacturing process is patented.  BioAgilytix is the same lab that certifies pharmaceutical drugs.  They have certified that the product contains Redox cell-signaling molecules.  Many third-party labs have certified the safety and efficacy of the product.  There are over 300,000 people taking it right now, and thousands of doctors offer it in their clinic.  You can get a feel for how much information we have by poking around on this site.  I just skimmed the best of it.  

How to Research Yourself

You can research yourself by searching for ASEA on Youtube, or going to  If you want real science, then search for redox cell-signaling, free radicals, or oxidative stress.  You can also visit  I don’t recommend Amazon as a lot of those people don’t take it correctly.  They don’t have the support of an Associate.  We have a lot of expertise.  The product is also often expired, more expensive, and even counterfeit.  Google has some negative stuff like the link above, and the network marketing business model we use.  I didn’t care about the business model, because the product is so amazing.  I never bothered to Google it, because I knew it was bleeding edge.  The last thing I wanted was popular opinion.  I will take the opinion of an expert over a fact any day.   There are almost 100 opinions on this site.  This site is by far the most comprehensive site on the subject.  There is an overwhelming amount of science out there if you have an interest in the biology.  You really want to see the customer testimonials.