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Ten Years Ago, Verdis Norton Unleashed a Force of Nature with this Decision

ASEA Ethos (P/E): People, Principles, & Purpose Over Ego & Economics

My Observations - I have heard another 100 opinions live in the flesh, and this what I found

They can change the world... and we will

I have been observing the organization closely during my second three months on the product. I was merely a customer for the first three months, and like the doctors on this page, I never would have attached my name to it if I had concerns that could not be answered. My name is my most valuable asset. However, I have no problem with doing something different from the rest of the world, as my whole life is living on the bleeding edge of technology and business. I know how to operate there.  In my world, every day is different, and every year is completely different.  You get really good at predicting and rolling with change.  For example, I was the first one I knew with a computer.  Also, I never bothered to Google ASEA, because I knew it was bleeding edge, and I wasn’t interested in popular opinion. I am a veteran entrepreneur, and I know how to make a decision and take a small calculated risk. The smart people ask for the opinions first, because it is the summary of everything they know. Then, they ask for the facts backing up those opinions to understand why they were formed.

I went to the global conference and two seminars, and I did not find anything to be afraid of or even inconsistencies in the information. At this point, I have personally heard a good 100 opinions live in the flesh. What is striking is the conviction in their voice, and the complete absence of anything bad. They could not keep something like that a secret. The worst thing that I have heard after immersing myself in the network for three months is the detox reaction in the first week or so. The product removes toxins from the body, and about 5% of people develop headaches, rashes, etc. It is actually evidence that the product is working, because we have too many toxins in our body. Drink lots of water, or temporarily reduce the dosage.

I am shocked by how little there is to be scared of. The scariest part is how to go about educating the people closest to me.  I don’t want to leave anyone behind, but how do I get them to believe things that are different from 99.9% of the population.  Hence, the birth of this site. There is so much information that I need to convey, and it has to be done in a certain order. The entrepreneur in me was like, “Test it,” and the scientist in me was like, “Prove it.” At this point, I have done both, and I have done my best to convey what I have found, so that your experience isn’t as slow and exhausting as mine was. The information is all there. It was just very scattered. I collected the best of it on this site, but there is plenty more for you to find on your own. The totality of the evidence is overwhelming once you have taken the time to find it and understand it.

Even the company is very big about their Ethos. I have been surrounded by the best of best my whole life, and I know it when I see it. It is a veteran Fortune 50 executive team. They are not required to validate the effectiveness of their products. They know what they have, so they do it anyways. I know they will always do the right thing, even if it isn’t the most profitable in the short term. That is one of the advantages of being a private company. Even the birth of the company came out of a principled decision. Verdis Norton, the founder, turned down hundreds of millions from Big Pharma, and chose not to take away the product from the people as the buyer wanted. He was over 70 when he made that decision, and there was no business to speak of. He mildly said, “That is a bit harsh.” There were people already taking the product that would have died.  If it was a public company, then he could not have refused to sell it.  A pharmaceutical company would charge 10X for what it does, because it is patented… that is, if they were willing to cannibalize the rest of their product line and industry… which is doubtful.