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Safety Information

ASEA is already in your body. When you were young, you had high levels.​

Do both. Do what your doctor says, and do this too. The product has zero toxicity.

“Supplementing Redox molecules is completely safe.  They are produced natively in the body through production of energy in the Kerb’s cycle.  That cycle is always going to occur.” – Dr. Robertson D. Ward, M.D.

ASEA Safety Studies (Multiple 3rd Parties)

Redox molecules are already in your body, and the quantity is too low if you are older or experiencing health issues.  Gary Samuelson, PhD, Atomic Medical Physicist, is the inventor.  He said he has never seen anything this reactive be this safe.  He said he never would have signed his name to it if he had not seen that.  The Redox molecules in a bottle of ASEA are the exact same molecules that your cells produce.  It is not even indirect.   They are being directly supplemented.  It not even natural or organic.  It is native to every cell.  Your cells actually produce it, but the quantity declines with age.  By the time you are 70, you are down to 10%.  It is not foreign to your body. Foreign substances are what cause all of those nasty side effects.  All of your cells love Redox molecules.  Redox molecules belong in every cell in your body, so none of them dislike it.  Maybe the unhealthy ones dislike it, because they are going to be replaced by healthy ones.  

You can’t even overdose on it.  With any drug, there is a lethal dose.  We tried it with cells in a petri dish and animals.  All that happened is that they got healthier and healthier.  The excess will just turn into salt water, which is what you are made of.  It has less salt then a slice of wheat bread.  Cancer patients will take it every two hours, and we ran an experiment in a petri dish where cancerous cells got the message to stop reproducing.  Redox cell-signalling molecules belong in your body and are fundamental to your cells’ performance.  They are missing in sufficient quantity as you get older.  They simply amplify your cells’ existing programming to levels you had when you were young, and your cells do all the work.