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Usage Tips

Dr. David Silverman

How to properly take ASEA

Dr. Dick Walker

How much ASEA to take

  • Do not order from Amazon. We have tested it, and there are frequently quality problems. It is just random people.
  • Order fresh product direct from our FDA certified factory.
  • It is recommended that you try the product for at least 90 to 120 days. After 30 days, about 30% of people will notice something, and after 90 days about 90% of people will notice something. It takes time, because your body is slowly replacing your unhealthy cells with healthy ones.
  • About 5% of people experience headaches, rashes, etc. in the first week or so, as the product removes toxins from the body. This is normal, and is evidence that the product is working. Drink lots of water, or temporarily reduce the dosage.
  • The product will last for a year in the bottle, but it is recommended not to store for long periods. It is extremely reactive, so it is best to use quickly.
  • Take a before and after picture, and document your progress. You may not notice the slow changes, or you may forget.
  • If 4oz a day isn't enough, then try doubling the dose. It is often needed for people over 50.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Shake gel tube before each use.
  • Apply the gel, wait 5 min, apply, wait 5 min, apply for maximum results
  • Use both gel and liquid twice a day, morning and evening.
  • Try to take on an empty stomach. At a minimum, do not eat or drink 5 min before or after taking ASEA.
  • Do not drink out of the bottle. Your saliva will destroy the product, as it reacts with organic material.
  • Wash the cup after each use.
  • Take it before you brush your teeth.
  • Swish it around in your mouth for about 60s before swallowing to maximize absorption.
  • Apply blueberry-sized portion of gel to scratches, pain, soreness, or anywhere there are issues with your body. It is all made of cells.
  • Apply gel to face, neck, ears, hands, private parts...
  • Apply under arms to reduce smell and help glands located there.
  • Purchase spray bottle, and spray in your eyes. Your eyes are also made of cells. Watch your prescription drop.
  • Apply after shaving. You skin will be too soft to shave.
  • Take 20 minutes before exercise, and your body will burn fat instead of muscle. Otherwise, you will have to exercise for 45 minutes before your body goes into fat burning mode. It is actually a better energy source. It will also improve performance.
  • Combine ASEA with exercise and incredible things will happen. It will take less effort too. The energy boost feels natural.
  • Temperature extremes do not affect the product

If you are not seeing results... half of people don't take it correctly

You can test the gel and athletic performance very quickly, if you want quick evidence of effectiveness.

If you are not seeing results, the most common reasons are that you are not taking enough long enough, or you are not taking it correctly. You may need to increase the dosage, especially if you are over 50. Eight ounces a day is common, and I have even heard of sixteen ounces being required. You can step it back down later once the initial work is complete. You may also have purchased from an untrustworthy source. There are no distributors, and we have seen all kinds of quality problems with sources like Amazon. You want fresh product direct from the FDA and NSF certified factory.