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What is Redox Cell-Signaling? Here is My Summary.

Redox is an advanced technology that helps your cells communicate, repair, and regenerate

Healthy Cells = Healthy Organs = Healthy Body

Do you understand how smart your cells are? They are programmed with DNA ​

People think that cells are simple unintelligent things, and it could not be further from the truth.  You start with 2 and they turn into 75 trillion specialized cells.  They are in exactly the right place, and they know exactly what to do.  Your cells are programmed with DNA, and your genes contain the blueprint for a healthy you.  Starting at puberty, the cellular communication starts breaking down.  Do you see what is possible if you keep your cell-signaling healthy?  Just take care of your cells, and they will take care of everything el

Five Nobel Prizes have been awarded for the science behind Redox.  This site contains the opinions of doctors, researchers, elite athletes, media, third-party labs, customers, and more.  Redox helps your cells communicate, repair, and regenerate like they were young, and it turns large numbers of your genes back on. It is even small enough to penetrate the blood/brain barrier. We have a supplement that is native to the body, and directly replaces your missing Redox Cell-Signaling Molecules.  It has all been validated by premier third-party laboratories. You can see their reports.  You have probably heard of anti-oxidants.  Redox is short for Reductants and Oxidants. It is 70,000,000 times more effective than the consumable anti-oxidants you have heard of, because it operates inside your cells.  Moreover, it does that every second.  

When your body burns oxygen, it creates free radicals.  Your body will create 100 sextillion free radicals per day (1 with 23 zeroes), and they are looking for an electron.  If your body does not nuetralize them, then they will steal an electron from your cells and start a chain reaction.  That is called oxidative stress, and Redox combats it inside your cells.  Even inflammatory stress can be traced back to oxidative stress due to a misbehaving immune system.  Redox has been proven to increase the efficiency of Glutathione, the master anti-oxidant, by 500% to 800%.  You would have to eat a whole truckload of consumable anti-oxidants to get the same effect.  Redox molecules will supply the electron, and anti-oxidants like Glutathione will connect them together.  You Redox molecule levels will decline by about 10% per decade starting at the age of 20, and your Glutathione levels will decline by about 15% per decade starting at the age of 20.  

“We are the only company in the world to have the labor and materials for complete cellular health” – President​

Over 300,000 people are taking it after 9 years
5 Nobel Prizes - 18,000 Peer-Reviewed Research Papers - 1,200 Books - 1 Patented Product Set

The science of Redox has been known for decades.

It is one of the most researched fields in medicine.  There are over 18,000 peer-reviewed research papers and 1,200 books.  Five Nobel prizes have been awarded.  They have always understood the potential payoff, but it was declared impossible.  There was no reason for the public to know, because there were no products available… until now.  Redox stands alone as the only product in a new revolutionary category.  People have been taking it for 10 years now.  The Redox signaling molecules are native to the body, but decrease in quantity as you get older.  That is why it takes longer for you to heal, and it results in many age-related health conditions.  The Redox signaling molecules are extremely reactive and only last for a few nanoseconds in the body, which is why they were so difficult to stabilize.  The problem went unsolved for decades, but someone figured it out. 

A pharmaceutical company tried to buy it and stick it on the shelf, because it conflicts with all of their drugs.  They only want to treat the symptoms, because they want to keep you as a customer for life for all of their expensive drugs.  Your body knows how to take of itself, but the communication breaks down as you get older due to a lack of Redox signaling molecules.  Your cells just need a little help to communicate better in their old age.  Nature did not intend for us to live this long, or to ingest this many toxins.  We are living twice as long as our great great grandparents.  We also ingest more toxins in one day, then they ingested in their entire lifetime.  That is why all of these chronic problems are showing up, especially in the second half of our life.  Subscribe to find out more about the science.

If you could have 2 wishes, what would they be?

If you are like most people, you want good health for your family and financial freedom.  If I handed you the keys to the kingdom, would you turn the key?  What if there was a window, and you could see the people on the other side?  Do you want to hear their stories?

The Power that Created You is the Power that will Heal You... Cell Power​

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It is patented. No one else has it.​

Six Reasons in Six Minutes by Dr. David Silverman