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What is the Perfect Career?

Might I add that you can do it part-time around your schedule? How much time do you waste every day?

  • No boss
  • No commute
  • No alarm clock
  • No employees
  • No politics
  • No compromises
  • No discrimination
  • No educational requirement
  • Something positive
  • Great product or service
  • Unlimited income
  • Residual income
  • Enjoy the people you work with
  • Something meaningful
  • Personal growth
  • Lots of perks
  • International
  • Contribution to worthy causes
  • Low risk
  • Low start-up cost
  • Economy proof
  • Tax benefits
  • Fun!

Source:  Eric Worre, Go Pro

There are two basic points of view about opportunity in this country.

Some people say you need to take responsibility for your life, and others say the playing field is not level.  It will never be completely level, because some parents have more resources and expertise.  They will always give their children the biggest advantage they can.  I do not believe that I am limited by my father, so why should you?  There are many examples of children that have outdone their parents, sometimes in dramatic fashion.  It is not about equality of outcome.  It is about equality of opportunity.  In today’s world, you have all the information you need at your fingertips.  There are many people that are paying it forward.  Focus on the things you can control and influence.  If you worry too much about the rest, you will just end up frustrated.  

The key is to spend your free time on education instead of entertainment.  Learning should not stop when you leave school.  The fun part is just getting started, because you can focus on things that are applicable to what you want to do.  If it is a topic that fascinates you, then it won’t even feel like work.  Of course, it will take years to master it.  Learning is exponential. The more you know, the more you get out of the next piece of information.  Don’t be afraid to start over somewhere else.  It is very difficult to get in the top 1% of one field.  If you can get in the top 20% of two or more, then you are a rare bird.  The combinations often make people unstoppable.  It also makes people more humble, because they understand how much they don’t know.  I am already a master of 7 domains, and I am now working on number 8.

It is very simple.  The people that know the most make the most, and half of what you know will be obsolete in 5 years.  If you know the right people, you can accelerate it, but you can’t fake it.  Some people are using the Internet to learn.  What do you think happens to people that use it for entertainment and distraction?  They fall behind.  Read non-fiction, so you can learn from the mistakes of others.   Warren Buffet reads 5 to 6 hours a day.  Find good leaders and mentors to learn from.  Make mistakes of your own, so that you gain experience.   A degree is just a way to quickly prove that you know something.  Often, you only use a small percentage of it, if any at all.  It is more proof that you know how to learn and that you can stick to a long-term goal.  I have a PhD in hardware, and yet I spent my entire career in software.  I literally do rocket science, and I am completely self taught.  Of course, I had many good examples to learn from.

Tip: I have started physically locking up my devices when I am in learning mode or I want to focus on the offline world, because they are way too fascinating and distracting.  We check our phones 86 times a day.  It takes energy and focus just to resist.  Real fulfillment comes from the offline world.  If you get something out of this site, then I hope I get to meet you.

They can change the world, and we will.

I spent one year at a company that could not do anything right, and I spent 10 years at a company that can do things that appear impossible and make it look easy. I know the difference, and I know it when I see it. The patience, the respectfulness, the willingness to help each other…

I have been surrounded by the best of the best my entire life, and what I want to do now is pay it forward.  I am looking for people that want to change the world.  I am more interested in character then credentials.  Are you up to the challenge?  It is possible to make 6 or even 7 figures. The #1 earner only has a high school diploma, and she makes 8 figures. What kind of time would you be willing to commit each week to have those kinds of results and everything above?

Make no mistake.  If you succeed in this business, it is going to be you who creates that success. I am here to guide you, but I can’t do it for you.  I am just a vessel.  I learned my trade from other people too, and I took persistent action on it.  My job is to help you become independent of me as quickly as possible, and we have a whole network of mentors backing us up. Check out the magazine below to see some of them.