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Why Follow Our System?

We don't just transform lives. We give them back.

  • Because we have the greatest products in the history of the world, and they are patented
  • Because they are already proven with over 300,000 customers
  • Because we are just getting ready to go mainstream
  • Because the company operates with the highest ethical principles
  • Because it has produced many millionaires
  • Because you will have access to a whole network of mentors
  • Because we don’t sell.  All we do is educate people.  We just want them to know.
  • Because you mostly only need to invest time
  • Because we provide the expertise and ASEA provides the capital
  • Because the online ecommerce asset that you build will accumulate and continue to pay dividends even if you scale back the time you are investing
  • Because you can do it with as few as six carefully selected people
  • Because there is no upper limit on what you can earn
  • Because you can see results quickly
  • Because you can build a substantial income stream in as little as a year
  • Because you don’t have to quit your job
  • Because you can do it together with your spouse
  • Because of the amazing role models you get to learn from
  • Because we operate real businesses with the highest ethical standards
  • Because of the friends you will make
  • Because of the people you will help
  • Because of the personal growth you will experience
  • Because you will learn how to lead the right way
  • Because we are more about character than credentials
  • Because the #1 earner makes 8 figures with only a high school diploma
  • Because you want EVERYTHING America has to offer